Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Fairy Tale News

Today on Drabble Wednesday we travel back to Fairyland with more news bites…

Breaking News From FTN

Spider Bramble and my co-anchor, Aurora Gossamer here, coming to you with the latest news and buzz from Fairyland.  Our top stories include...

Construction of the new Swamp Habitat and relocation of the homeless trolls under Cinnamon Swirl Bridge went smoothly, with all trolls moving to their new location peacefully.  Early negotiations saw the release of the hostage Billy goats, and while no charges were laid in that incident, after the relocation an official apology was issued by a troll representative. This following statement was broadcast earlier:
We’re terribly sorry for any hostilities, and the abduction of innocent goats. Old habits, and all that. We let anger and frustration rule. Humble apologies to the poor goats.  And all thanks for our new home.

In other news…

The construction bids for the new Fairland Metro Police Station closed today, with the winning contractor being no other than the new Three Pigs company Bad Wolf Construction. This is the first city contract for Squealer, Wiggly and Curly Tail Pig, and they had this to say: “We hardily thank the city for awarding us the bid, and we will do our best by the boys in blue and build them a fine new police station.”
Bad Wolf Construction has gained a sterling reputation since its inception from family tragedy, and the ground-breaking for the new building begins next month.

Now over to the entertainment desk with Lucinda…

I’m Lucinda Lovedust with the latest updates in entertainment.
The much anticipated Wonderland Camelot Festival happens next week, and Fairyland is already agog with the early influx of celebrity from those two neighbouring realms.  Alice and the Mad Hatter have been seen squiring about town, still canoodling like newlyweds and sampling Fairyland cuisine.  Camelot’s playboy, Lancelot, has been setting hearts aflutter in every hotspot in town, along with close chums Gawain and Tristan.  So far the trio have behaved, with none of the bar brawls that marred their last visit, despite a minor altercation with the infamous Hansel and Gretel.


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Monday, 2 May 2016

Book Spotlight: Sonny

Today on the blog, I bring you a book spotlight for the newly released horror/thriller, Sonny by MJ Mulholland. Enjoy...

Sonny by MJ Mulholland

Meet Sonny – quiet, simple, murderous – and all he wants to do is join the club.
He is taken under the wing of a professional in the field of torture and murder, and is tested and shown the bloody horror of the house he will now inhabit.
Sonny meets the rest of the team, and soon realises that he needs to be careful if he is going to survive at all inside a house of murderers and helpless victims, where being dead becomes a luxury.
But there is one thing to remember – you are Sonny, and Sonny is you.

Are you what you first appear to be?

Sonny is available at:

Author Bio:

MJ Mulholland was born out of love for the horror genre and the need to push the limits of what horror is. He enjoys the quiet, he enjoys the dark, and with his pen and paper he weaves monsters that his counterpart doesn't dare to even look at. In his spare time, he watches you.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Dreams

Today on Drabble Wednesday, drift away into endless slumber, perchance to dream…


I close my eyes to dream, to slip into the peaceful oblivion of sleep. To draw calm breath, in and out, in and out, as my mind wanders through a plethora of unreality.
I welcome it.
I welcome the illusion.
I walk along a beach, the warm sand against my bare feet, like the ones I walked when I was young. The summer sun shines, a sultry breeze blows off the ocean, and I can smell the scent of wild roses and sea.
I want to stay forever.
But I wake up, to face the last day of the world.


Sleeping Beauty

No one asked me.
No one ever asked me.
I’ve been cursed, lied to, deceived, punished, imprisoned and freed, but no one ever thought about me. No one ever asked me what I thought, what I wanted.
The only time I was allowed to decide anything was in my dreams.
There I was happy. I was free.
Now they tell me I have to marry this prince. This stranger. All because he broke the curse.
Why? It makes no sense.
Asleep, I had contentment. In my prison I was safe.
Now… I’ve woken up into a nightmare.
Somebody help me.



How do you know?
When do reality and dreams become blurred?
How do you tell the difference?
I once thought the answer simple. I bet you do too.
It isn’t.
There is something in-between. A world half-in, half-out. A universe of stars and dread, of wishes and weakness. Where shadows hide monsters and mirth, demons and delight.
It’s a dark place of temptation.
A devil’s playground.
A place where nightmares are born.
But a place I love. I go there often.
But now I cannot get back.
And I’m not alone. I hear it breathing.
I fear I’m being hunted.

© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Drabble Wednesday: Celebrating Shakespeare

We go Shakespeare again this week on Drabble Wednesday.

The Return of the Shakespeare Pirates

Prithee, tall and proud, stride the deck under the black flag of bones. Raise the cutlass and the rum and give no quarter in the battle. Huzzah, huzzah, we rule the seas. Proclaim to all the rousing cry of Pirate! Hark and give no hail, none to sail before our eyes upon the horizon. ‘Tis plunder, plunder we seek, to all we raise the cry of, Pirate!
Blow winds, fill the sails! Hie the ship forward, ever forward!
Spit cannon fire, and raid the kingdom, ungrateful wretches all!
Swing the cutlass, raise your voice, and shout the cry of, Pirate!


Another installment of the ongoing tales of Frankie and Joni…

Frankie Does Shakespeare

“Zounds! Forsooth! Is that a pie I see before me, wondrous topped with whipped cream and the reddest of cherries.”
“Huh?” I stared at Frankie, who entered the lunch room wearing tights and a weird shirt. “If you’re talking about dessert, then yes, it’s a pie.”
“Oh, marvels. My kingdom for a slice!”
“Help yourself.” Then it dawns. “Practicing for the virtual Shakespeare Festival, I take it?”
He eagerly cuts a slice of pie and pops a forkful in his mouth, before spitting it out. “Oh, that’s rhubarb. I hate rhubarb.”
I smile. “Methinks you doth protest, too much.”


This drabble’s a bit different. Tweets from Shakespeare…

Shakespeare Tweets!

To be a One Direction fan, or not to be: that is the question.
All the world's a stage for the Kardashians.
Now is the Winter is Coming of our discontent. #GameofThrones
Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, on Facebook. #RIPYorick
Is this a #selfie which I see before me? Oh, most egregious selfie.
Something wicked this way comes. #EvilQueen
Seeking the food he eats. Checkth out this wondrous lunch!
Lies told by an idiot, full of sound and fury! Taketh that you troll!
Write till your ink be dry…  write sorrow on the bosom of the earth #amwriting

© A. F. Stewart 2016 All Rights Reserved
with thanks to William Shakespeare

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Book Spotlight: Kovu: Part One by Kenneth Fultz Jr.

Today I bring a book spotlight for the manga style, fantasy book, Kovu: Part One by Kenneth Fultz Jr.

Kovu: Part One by Kenneth Fultz Jr.

A dethroned prince must gather the ten rings of the kings to save his people from the corruption of the rich and powerful.

Kovu starts out as the proud prince to the throne of Eden. However he soon discovers the corrupt truth about his kingdom when he sneaks out of the palace. In a fit of rage he leaves his home, being determined to become the people’s king while his brother Dayo acts as his spy inside the court. Kovu soon learns about the Rings of the Kings and their power to make the greatest king that ever existed. Can he save his country or is that just a fantasy?

Kovu: Part One is available at


The sounds of battle clearly sung in the air from the palace courtyard.  A double edge blade swung down in an arch.
A young man with white hair stumbled back.
A short sword came swinging down after him.  The teen swiftly blocked with his own sword. His muscles shook while he tried to push his opponent’s blade away.
His jaw clenched. His eyes became as hard as steel. He slid his blade down against the hilt of the second sword. He took up a strong stance and slammed his open palm into the chest of his opponent.
The young man's instructor stumbled back and tripped over a loose stone on the palace’s practice ground. He crashed down onto his back, letting out a grunt from the pain that radiated throughout his body.
The instructor opened his eyes slowly only to be met by the point of a blade. Light sparkled off the golden, steel blade his student held. The man bowed his head in defeat. “It seems I’ve lost this round, my prince.”
The teen put away his sword and reached his hand out for his instructor to grab. “Just call me Kovu.” The boy was the image of perfection at his tender age of eighteen. His light brown skin worked well with his lean muscular figure. A dashing face that simmered with his strong tan brown eyes. His white hair spiked upward to the left. The prince's clothes a pure white trimmed in gold held by golden pins embedded with blue jewels. A brilliant royal blue sash wrapped over his front and left shoulder. A brown leather belt tied over his waist that was further decorated in jewels and gold along with a scabbard that was colored in blue, brown and gold. Lastly he had on strap sandals.  
His instructor, Abdul took the young prince’s hand and was helped back onto his feet.
Hands slowly clapped together, getting both men’s attention. “Nice work.” Prince Dayo sat on the steps on the right side of the grounds. The courtyard made from marble tiles with stone steps that lead into the archways decorated in beautiful statues throughout. Dayo applauded the scene with a big smile on his face. “Wouldn’t expect anything less.”
Prince Dayo a year younger than his brother possessed a larger frame  of muscle than his elder. His fearsome light brown eyes shined out from his darker skin. The boy could be considered equally as handsome as the older. His black hair spiked backward with a streak of white on the right side. Slender strains fell over his forehead that further added to his presence. His tight black shirt and shorts clung to his rugged body. Golden bands tightly fit just above his wrist along with a band of his right upper arm. Golden plated sandals like greaves were strapped to his legs. A golden brown pleated warrior skirt was wrapped around his waist like a belt.
Abdul fully faced the second prince. “Prince Dayo, how long have you been there?”
Dayo dropped his hands into this lap. “Oh, so now I’m invisible to you?”

Book Trailer

Author Bio:

Kenneth E. Fultz Jr. born in Columbus, Ohio. Since a child had a strong interest in both anime and writing. Kenneth's first novella, "Warriors of Matrimony", dealt with gender roles and marriage while his second book "Destruction of Sweet Creation" deals with how relationships shape who we are and the image of age. Kenneth plans to get into turning his stories into graphic novels at a later date.              

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